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My Body Parts go from top to bottom, from head to feet, the cranium to the other extreme. The brain houses the imagination but feet keep you on the ground, where you have to be, after all. The body can be scary and so are these stories. [more]

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FREE: Read one of the stories: "Loose Tongue"

From imagination to materialism, the provocative stories in Body Parts cover the bases. Can brains survive without bodies? Will the love modem result in romance or homicide? Should a loose tongue reveal its secrets? Would a guru who brings bliss be killed by the government?

What's to stop pigs being raised to provide artificial hearts from revolting? Could a rowing machine be used to commit murder? What happens when a fat woman sits on a lap dog and kills it?

What's wrong with kidneys from Texas? Can feet lead a brave woman to find her way through a computer?

These stories include science fiction and horror. They'll stretch your imagination, yet remind you of reality. They'll make you laugh or scream or both.

Click here to order PDF format of Body Parts - $10.00 available exclusively through the Internet!

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