Biography of Author Arthur Herzog

Arthur Herzog

New Yorker Arthur Herzog is an award-winning novelist, non-fiction writer and journalist, renowned for his best-selling novels The Swarm, Orca (both made into popular movies), and IQ 83, which is currently under development for a feature film by Dreamworks.

Herzog feels he can best describe his life as a series of turning points.

After writing some 18 stories for The New York Times Magazine he was offered a job at the magazine to be groomed for the prestigious job of editor. But the young Herzog's spirit for adventure overtook the desk job, and he declined the offer. Soon thereafter, he became the first person to visit and write about Angola when the Angolan rebels were under fire.

After earning a masters degree in English literature at Columbia University, Herzog declined the chance at a doctorate, declaring an "aversion to both libraries and authority".

After mastering the art of non-fiction, he finally decided on a career devoted to fiction, wherein he created a new genre called "near in sci-fi," a fictional form that combines theoretical scientific phenomena with realism. He is termed the master of disaster.

Herzog, an obvious lover of literature, feels passionate about the craft of writing and fathered a book and lecture series called How to Write Almost Anything Better--And Faster! to show others how to achieve what he knows is possible.

Herzog teaches a practical approach to writing based on his belief that at least 75% of the writing process is proper preparation. "Discipline is half the battle," he says, "Writing is more method and organization than inspiration."

The concise, painless method Herzog has patterned leads the neophyte or the pro through five steps to better writing: Psyche Yourself Out; Sit Yourself Down; The Right Idea; The Write Stuff; and Read It and Weep.

The ability to write feels Herzog, is imperative to a life fulfilled. A person who can't write is going to be ever more deprived in a world based on communication. "If you can't write well," notes the author, "You lose a tremendous occupational level."

A New Yorker, avid reader, and world traveler, Herzog desires to write more fiction and non-fiction books, and perhaps some philosophical works.


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